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Evaluation methodologies for archaeological museums and sites

Laia Pujol-Tost (GR)
The discussion about different possibilities of ICT devices for open-air museums (see Heritage Presentation and New Media in Cultural Heritage settings) is useless or at least heads for a half failure if we do not know what visitors expect from a visit and/or if they are satisfied with the current experience. This is what evaluations are aimed at...

Heritage Presentation and New Media in Cultural Heritage settings

Laia Pujol-Tost (GR)
What can ICT contribute to improve their offer? Information Society is the name given to a new socio-economical phase featured by a major connectivity, access to bigger quantities of information, mobility and individualization. As they have always done, museums try to respond to these transformations by adapting their communication strategies and even their role...

Camp d'Aprenentage de la Noguera (CAT)

The educational Parc Arqueològic de Sant Llorenç de Montgai in Catalonia is an educational and leisure installation designed by the CEPAP (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) to bring schoolchildren and families closer to prehistoric ways of life...

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