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Grundtvig Learning Partnership - Zeitgeist

What it is about EXARC and a number of its members applied in 2010 for a Grundtvig Learning Partnership. Grundtvig is a part of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLLP) of the European Union which among others involves Leonardo and Erasmus. It is focussed on adult education and in our case involves several museums, open air museums, universities and high schools.
We work with our partners from across Europe to share practice, discuss problems and compare solutions on our particular topics. Obviously our project will be about non-formal learning in different aspects, the plans were developed between the partners.

While writing an application two projects have been formed: Didarchtik and Zeitgeist. This is the website about the latter.

Zeitgeist is coordinated by the Hunebedcentrum. Four other archaeological open air museums are partner, as well as Noguera, an educational camp in Catalonia with close links to the University of Barcelona.

Our concrete objectives: • We characterise our adult visitors and their education needs and interests. Understand what visitors expect before arrival, what we intend to teach them and if this culminates in a successful visit;
• Analyse the usage and possibilities of experimental archaeology & live interpretation;
• Develop an approach to serve repeated visits;
• Defining a good offer for 'pre-visit' and 'post-visit' for our public (information and knowledge);
• Create a long lasting network regarding lifelong learning in archaeological open air museums.

Results will among others be:
• an on line forum for the members of Zeitgeist
• a visitor survey system
• a glossary of common terms for archaeological open air museums in several languages
• a handbook / reader on the application of new media in archaeological open air museums, old crafts and reaching & teaching the adult public
• a handbook / reader on storytelling and adult didactic methods applied to archaeological open air museums