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Conclusion of the Zeitgeist Project

July 2012, two of our EU cooperation projects have come to a conclusion. Both are Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Partnerships about understanding adult learning in archaeological open-air museums. We learned from first hand experiences and found out how to improve our offer for adults. Both projects lasted two years.

An online glossary in 10 languages

One wish of EXARC has come true: over the past two years 15 members have cooperated in two Grundtvig Learning Partnerships (Didarchtik and Zeitgeist) and as one of the results from that, we now have got an online glossary with words we often use and cannot find easily in dictionaries.

Shadowlands exhibition from Wales tours to the Netherlands

Early June, cooperation between the Hunebedcentrum (NL) and St Fagans (WLS) resulted in an exhibition. This is a presentation of Welsh megalithic monuments, their history and purpose through times. ‘Shadowlands’ as the exhibition is called would never find its way to the Netherlands if not both museums had met in the backdrop of the OpenArch project...

Zeitgeist workshop in Oerlinghausen, February 2012

Zeitgeist had a workshop in Oerlinghausen, Germany, 28 February – 2 March. Even though we are working together for already 1.5 years, we still welcome many new faces at our workshops. This time we could welcome some more archaeologists from the Netherlands who had recently started working at Hunebedcentrum for example...

Visit the largest open-air museum in Germany with Zeitgeist

End of February, the 5th workshop of Zeitgeist will take place in Oerlinghausen, Germany. The six partner museums will get together to work with unusual methods how to address adults in archaeological open-air museums and how to educate about the reconstructed past. Check Zeitgeist website for more information...