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Running a Roman mosaic workshop in a museum

Lawrence Payne (UK)

To run a ‘Roman’ mosaic workshop you need to understand about the rules. The original mosaicists of Greece and Rome set the tesserae (tiles) in certain ways to create a more ‘flowing’ effect and this has resulted in a set of 8 Rules to work to. These Rules are what separate a Roman mosaic, regardless of when it is made, from a Modern mosaic. Modern mosaics have no Rules therefore they cannot be criticised. In a Roman mosaic if you do not know The Rules then chances are you won’t see them. Leave them out of the mosaic and it can be spotted by anyone familiar with them.

Hunebedcentrum (NL)

Lying on the Hondsrug in Borger, in the North of the Netherlands, the Hunebedcentrum takes you back to prehistoric times and shows you the lives of the first farmers in Drenthe. They constructed impressive monumental tombs and the remains of 54 of them can still be seen...

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