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Why use video for communication

Nadine Lemmers (NL)

There are several reasons for using video as a communication medium. It is a mature, cost effective, highly desirable part of the package and video brings in traffic. If you have videos you can share them through social media, video-sharing websites and embed them into websites.

A few steps...

Making a plan
When making a video the first essential step is to plan all elements of your video. You have to write a script or screenplay for filming and organizing your video. With proper preparation it is not necessary to film the video in chronological order. The plan has to describe what is needed to make the video:
1. Script (describing the different scenes)
2. List of required employees;
3. List of required actors or craftsmen;
4. List of necessary equipment (camera, sound, light, etc.)
5. List of locations;
6. List of props.

Making a video
It is easier to film in short clips from three or five seconds to eight seconds clips. You can have a clip up to 30 seconds if you pan, zoom and change viewing angles or viewpoints during the clip. To do this you need some experience. There are some tricks to make it easier to film:
1. Take digital photographs of each step;
2. Use a variety of angles, viewpoints, zooms and pans to hold viewer interest.

Editing a video
The most important step is editing the video. This is a time-consuming step and it is a common pitfall to film a lot of material but lack the time to edit it. You have to allow the most time for this phase. For editing the video it is easy to use software like Camtasia Studio 3, Windows Live Movie Maker or Ulead Video Studio 7 SE Basic. Editing the video is the procedure of dragging and dropping the video clips and digital stills into their positions in a timeline. There are some tricks to make it easier to edit:
1. Edit the video clips adding in the digital photos;
2. Add titles, logos, descriptive captions and ingredient lists to the video;
3. Add credits at the end of the video;
4. Add your contact information (e-mail address and/or website).

Sharing a video
The final step is to share your video with the public. You need to upload the video on your website or onto one of the different video-sharing websites. Most video clips on video-sharing websites are ten minutes or less.

Sharing videos on YouTube
How can I upload my video to YouTube? First you have to create your own channel on YouTube. Go to the website and click on “Create Account”. This will take you to a form that must be filled out in order to create an account at Google, secondly you sign into YouTube with your Gmail-account. How to upload a video? Click the “Upload” button to add a video to your account. If you do not already have a video, you will first need to make one using a webcam or other recording device. How to create a YouTube channel? Click on your user name at the top of the screen to visit your YouTube Channel. You do not need to sign up for a channel; it is created automatically for you. Once you are on your channel, make note of the URL so that you will know what address to give the public. On the YouTube website you can find the code to embed the video inside blogs, websites and social media websites.