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Meetings and Workshops

There will be several workshops:

1 14-17/09/2010, Borger, the Netherlands: A work meeting to get things right. This was to get the project on the road, making a detailed time schedule, the network structure and an excursion to megaliths

2 02-05/02/2011, Bellaterra & Sant Llorenç, Catalonia: A class on new media and reaching / teaching the public, taken by outside experts. Defining the relevant topics of working with adults of which common terms need to be translated in our languages.

3 06-09/07/2011, Landa, Norway: A Class on storytelling for guides, adult didactic methods. We need to reach agreement on how to do visitor analysis and use the results in updating our adult didactics. We will discuss adult education seen from our visitors, guides, and those not visiting.

4 03-07/10/2011, Borger, the Netherlands: How to do a Heritage Fair. How to get information across: authenticity, being a teacher and an actor all in one. Setting up the training classes with museum's own (loyal) visitors with new media / techniques. Halfway Project evaluation and decision-taking: is all in time? What about the results?

5 28/02 - 02/03/2012, Oerlinghausen, Germany: Follow up classes, on new media, about old crafts and reaching & teaching the public. Feedback from partners, follow up on storytelling. Project evaluation: is all well in time? What about the results? Important: joint meeting with the EXARC network.

6 20-23/07/2012, Archeon (NL): International Heritage Fair, including living history demonstration, workshop of craftspeople: craft, demonstration & interpretation. This is the Closing Meeting.