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July 2011: meeting at the Lysefjorden (NO)

See our blog for more information on this meeting.

Wednesday 6th July, Arrival, fly to Stavanger.
20.00                   Welcome dinner at Mikado.
Night:                   In Stavanger, Skansen Hotel

Thursday 7th July
The archaeological museum of Stavanger.
09.00                  Guided tour - introduction to our prehistoric heritage, by Olle Hermdoff. Talks on
                             archaeological research in Norway with emphasis on Landa
10.00                  Presentation from the museum on practical storytelling for adults in the museum
                             followed by an exercise, by Maritha Nielsen.
11.30                  Lunch
12.30                  Departure to the archaeological open air museum Ullandhaug
                            (Roman Iron Age farm).
14.00                  Departure to Forsand and Landa.
16.30                  Arrival at our camp site.
19.00                  A travel through time (Adult story telling at Landa).
20.00                  Ground braking activities for adults.
21.00                  Welcome dinner at Landa. The Mayor greets you.
Night:                  In Lysefjorden

Friday 8th July
09.30                  Introduction to Story telling by Maritha Nielsen.
11.30                  Lunch
12.30                  Storytelling practising at Landa. Discussion about storytelling methods.
14.30                  Presentation of our handbook on Storytelling. Discussion.
16.00                  Zeitgeist information and discussion. Presentation of the next meeting.
19.30                  Dinner at the Lysefjordsenteret
Night:                  In Lysefjorden

Saturday 9th July 9, Departure


Fortidslandsbyen Landa på Forsand
Forsandmoen, Forsand