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October 2011: "Bringing archaeology to life". OpenArch and Zeitgeist meeting in Borger (NL)

Monday, 3 October, 2011 to Friday, 7 October, 2011
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EXARC invites all members and other colleagues interested to this meeting, co-sponsored by the EU projects OpenArch & Zeitgeist. During this meeting different aspect of Social and the Modern Media will be explained in relation to Archaeological Open-Air Museums. Please register before 23 september. Participation fee includes lectures, workshops, site visits, drinks, lunch and two diners. It does not include accommodation and travel to / from Borger. Costs are € 150 for EXARC Members or VAEE Members. For Student Members: € 100.

Illustration: Prototype phone application of the "Living Lab project Augmented Reality" (source)

Bringing archaeology to life - New ways to reach the public
How to do a Heritage Fair

Monday 3rd October - Arrival Day
Morning / afternoon
One can best fly to Schiphol, Amsterdam airport. Please don’t land after 15:15h. From the airport,
take a direct train direction Groningen, leave at station Assen. The train takes about 2 hours. At
Assen, there will be a minibus of the museum going hourly between 14.00h and 18.00h.
Participants will be brought to their hotel in or near the village of Borger. OpenArch and Zeitgeist
participants will book their hotel through the colleagues at Hunebedcentrum if they register before
the end of July.

18.45The minibus brings all participants to the Hunebedcentrum
20:00Welcome by Hein Klompmaker, director of the Hunebedcentrum and Marco Out, mayor of Borger-Odoorn. After that, people can visit the Hunebedcentrum by themselves.

Tuesday 4th October - Discussions, Fair and Website

8:00All participants will be picked up from their hotels
 There are two groups: Open Arch and Zeitgeist.
Early other participants may join Zeitgeist.
09:00Zeitgeist & others
Mid evaluation of the Zeitgeist project. Presentation about the products made so far, looking at the activities to come
Explanation of the new website for the Steering Committee & PR People
11:00Seeing the Hunebedcentrum
An introduction, a guided tour through the museum and a visit to the largest dolmen of the Netherlands
13.30Zeitgeist & others (incl OpenArch participants, none members of Steering Committtee)
Workshop: How to organize a good Heritage Fair
The workshop leader is Annemarie Pothaar. Participants will make a winning concept for a good Heritage Fair. Every museum presents a good example. Those OpenArch people who are not involved in the Steering Committee can take part in the Zeitgeist workshop.
Steering Committee meeting
17.00The minibus will bring people to the hotels
19.00Dinner in Hotel Bieze

Wednesday 5th October - Conference Day

08.00Minibus pick up from hotels
 Morning Programme: What’s New in Archaeology
09.00Opening by Evert van Ginkel, chairman
Introduction and welcome by Hein Klompmaker, director Hunebedcentrum
09.30Setting goals in social media by Charlotte Jensen, National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen
10.15The Archaeologist as CSI Agent by Hein Klompmaker
10.45Coffee and tea
11.15Virtual Heritage: combining the past with modern technology by Sebastian Buks, Dohi Sweden AB, Sweden
11.45Communication Techniques of the Future by Speak, a company specializing in new media and techniques
12.15Lunch and demonstrations of ancient crafts
 Afternoon programme: Workshops
(Preferred workshops for Zeitgeist Partners are A and C)
14:00Block 1 (choose 1 workshop per person)
A.  How to write a good story  by Jouke Nijman, Flashstudio
B. How to get a story – all about branding  by Erik Schoppen & Herman ten Kate, Hanzehogeschool
15:00Coffee and tea
15:30Block 2 (choose 1 workshop per person)
C. How to spread a story – conducting cross-media campaigns by Jef Folkerts, Hanzehogeschool
D. Social Media by Charlotte Jensen, National Museum of Denmark
16.30Closing address by Tanja Klip-Martin, deputy of Drenthe Province with special responsibility for media and culture
17.00Informal drinks reception
18.00Minibus to hotels (or participants can remain at the Hunebedcentrum)
19.00Special dinner in the Hunebedcentrum




Thursday 6 October - Excursions and Site Visits

 Good weather program
09.00Minibus pick up from hotels
09.30Bicycle tour visiting megaliths and other prehistoric monuments, with picnic lunch
11.30Bus to Groningen
13:00Visit the Groninger Museum to see new media techniques in action
14.30Boat trip on the Groningen canals
16.00Walking tour to the courtyard with almshouses around it  - "Hofje"
17:00Free time
19.00Special Surprise Dinner with closing speeches at restaurant De Wiemel in Gasselte


 Bad weather program
09.00Minibus pick up from hotels
09.30Lecture about Geopark de Hondsrug by Harrie Wolters
10:30Bus to Groningen (along megaliths and other prehistoric monuments)
13.00Visit the Groninger Museum to see new media techniques in action
14.30Boat trip on the Groningen canals
16.00Walking tour to the courtyard with almshouses around it  - "Hofje"
17:00Free time
19.00Special Surprise Dinner with closing speeches at restaurant De Wiemel in Gasselte

Friday 7 October – Travelling Day
08.00 – 10.00 By minibus to Assen Station for travel to Schiphol Trains leave Assen twice an hour. There is a convenient train at 09:24, arriving Schiphol at 11:38. Participants taking this train should not plan to fly before 13:00 at the earliest.

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